«Our teams are located both on the Ukrainian-Polish border and on those of Moldova, where we provide services with the help of mediators (not just interpreters, they also mediate in terms of culture).

The psychological problems are very intense, as the families are separated (men 18- to 45-year-old are not allowed to leave) and in many cases the chance of telephone communication has been lost. There is also a need for primary care, as those arriving at the border are suffering from hardship.

Members of our organization had traveled to the wider region before the war to map the needs· at first, we intended to give the “present” only on the border with Poland, but we also sent a group to Moldova where there is greater need for more support. In these cases, the most experienced members of the mission organize the operation of the mobile units, to train younger associates and to cultivate collaborations with groups in the area. Activation of organizations in the countries bordering Ukraine does not entail with the interruption of other programs»..

Dr. Apostolos Veizis, Executive Director of INTERSOS Hellas gave an interview on “Kathimerini” about the crisis in Ukraine and the dramatic moments that thousands of people live while fleeing their homeland to find a safe place away from war.

Apostolos Veizis who participated in the humanitarian mission of Intersos in Poland and Moldavia, described the current conditions there and how Intersos intervenes in response to the urgent need for help.

The organization, always staying devoted to human values, offers medical care and support to vulnerable people, rushing next to anyone in need!

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