INTERSOS is present in Greece since March 2016 with the aim of providing holistic support and long term durable solutions as a response to the migration crisis. Throughout the duration of its mission it has focused on holistic service provision, the search for local contextualised solutions and strong rooting in community based protection.

INTERSOS HELLAS implements a series of supportive activities aimed at improving the psychosocial conditions of hosted PoCs, providing meaningful access to information, services, rights and orientation, along with other auxiliary actions that will facilitate the movement towards the self-reliance of refugees and asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection in Greece.

Moreover, INTERSOS Hellas has focused since the outset on strengthening the community response, with an initial focus on promoting peaceful coexistence between host and hosted communities.

Below you can find INTERSOS Hellas’ Statute, as well as its Quality Management Policy and Code of Ethics.

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