Call for proposals:

Project: Protection for All minors

Response to Requests for Additional Information/Clarifications

Questions regarding the call for proposals:

  1. With regards to the open call “protection for all minors” if you could kindly confirm that eligible applicants are only NGOs with an annual budget that does not exceed 400K.
  2. In addition, could you also clarify whether an NGO with an annual budget over 400K annually could become a partner for this submission?
  3. Is it necessary for the Budget to be between 85,000-90,000 for the six (6) months, or can it be less? For example, it could be 70,000 or less;

Answers_ INTERSOS:

  1. The eligible applicants regarding the expression of interest for the call for proposals of the Protection for All minors’ project are not NGOs with an annual budget that does not exceed 400.000 euros.  But for the project’s implementation, the candidate partners need to have a detailed capacity and experience regarding child protection projects.
  2. An NGO with an annual budget of over 400.000 can submit the relevant proposal. It is essential for INTERSOS, the ideal candidate, to have an established mechanism regarding child protection projects and the appropriate and suitable CP policies to support the operational processes.
  3. The suggested budget could be less than 85.000 euros. But, the NGOs that will submit a budget as such should take into consideration the demands of the said project and the needs that the UAMs might have. That being said, the candidate NGOs should estimate the challenges of the vulnerable population and the requirements regarding direct and indirect costs to submit a concrete and realistic project proposal. 
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