On Monday 09/03/2020, a space exclusively for women was inaugurated in the structure of Agia Eleni in Ioannina! In this area, women and girls living in the structure will have the opportunity to enjoy a few hours away from their daily activities.

The inauguration of Female Friendly Space took place on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Let’ bring into our minds, however, that March 8th was associated with women’s assertions of the right of equality and freedom.

In 1977, the UN established March 8th as International Women’s Day, opening the door to their aspirations and broadening the dialogue on the status of women and the construction of gender identity. After a series of claims, some of them were enshrined in the western world, while the struggles for physical integrity and autonomy, legal and workplace equality, resistance to sexual violence and the pressure of reproduction.

Many of these things which seem obvious to women from Western culture, in the same time they seem inconceivable to the East, where women’s rights are blatantly violated while the attempt to point out these issues is obscured. Violation of women’s rights is an expression of gender-based violence and can lead to their oppression, social exclusion and to harmful effects on their mental health. In addition, it perpetuates and strengthens the culture of inequality and power relations between the sexes.

In the context of INTERSOS Hellas’ activities regarding the fields of prevention and response to gender-based violence, the operation of the Female Friendly Space in the structure of Agia Eleni, began, with the aim of the safe expression of female identity and the women’s empowerment.


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