In the context of the discussion “Session 7: Providing Medical and Humanitarian Assistance” of MEDISEP Medical Students’ Exchange and Projects, spoke Dr. Apostolos Veizis, Executive Director of the humanitarian organization* INTERSOS Greece – INTERSOS Hellas.

Veizis referred to the significant challenges faced by the medical community especially in emergencies and in the case of epidemics, analyzing the factors that can affect the degree of morbidity and mortality in an affected area. In fact, he commented on the safety of doctors in the field, the coordination of their teams, the need to create a preparedness plan, an early warning system and an immediate response to the management of the above crises.

Finally, he stressed to the young scientists and participants in the discussion: «Work as a team. Be realistic and try to do your best to save as many lives as possible, because at the same time you will face another ordeal. And now we are facing a difficult situation and we have fewer tools in our hands. We are facing the biggest pandemic, that of COVID. Today, for example, a vaccine that is a good tool for preventing the disease, is not available to everyone. It is available only to people who have money…Access to health is not a luxury. It is a fundamental right for the individual, for each and every human being. We must pay attention to the moral nature of all this. You made the choice to save lives. This is why you need to be well-educated, well prepared, and able to prioritize those in urgent need of care. You have to do what you can to save as many lives as possible with what you have at your disposal. At the very least, when you go to bed at night you will say, “I did what I could and I did my best!”».

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