In the context of the information and awareness campaign for access to Health, “Health for All” of HelMSIC – Hellenic Medical Students ’International Committee, spoke Dr. Apostolos Veizis, Executive Director of the humanitarian organization* INTERSOS Greece- INTERSOS Hellas

Mr. Veizis commented particularly on issues related to the access of vulnerable social groups in the field of health and the role of health professionals in it.

-Why various vulnerable social groups are often treated as invisible?

-How affordable is the current health system for these groups?

-What about the lack of interpreters and cultural mediators in health services?

– How have been addressed so far mobility problems, financial obstacles, or even language-related difficulties?

Mr. Veizis answered these and other questions, emphasizing that: «When we talk about access to health, we must look at it on many levels. Access means accessibility, inclusivity, quality of health services and acceptance. Vulnerable social groups in this part of access deal with various obstacles that have to do with many different issues… In addition, in view of the pandemic, there is still a significant need. To focus on people, on health not only as a right but also as a very crucial and serious issue that must be separated from categories of vulnerable groups, from legal categories, etc. And health should be a thing that governments have to consider and count it differently from other issues».

You can watch the whole discussion here:

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